Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Smoking Is Fun and Flavorful with Vaughn Monroe

I am deeply in love with vintage advertisements. I have stack after stack of old magazines that I thumb through whenever I have a spare moment and ooh and ahh at the way ads used to look, all the "new" products, inventions, and what's changed in the world since.

For example, a cigarette ad with 9 out of 10 doctors choosing to smoke Camels. It's just unbelievable today.

Flipping through a Coronet mini mag from February, 1953, I found another great Camel ad featuring Vaughn Monroe, popular band leader.
"I've given Camels the test of time", says Vaughn. "I've smoked Camels for years and they've never stopped giving me pleasure. They're mild and rich tasting-pack after pack!"
Ugh, the thought of smoking one cigarette makes me wanna wretch, let alone "PACK AFTER PACK".
Anyhoo, the colors, the old mic, the suit, hair and smile all drew me to this ad, and I started wondering, who is this Vaughn Monroe fellow, and did he eventually bite the big one from Lung Cancer?
Well, as much as I wanted the delicious, smooth, rich tasting irony, the answer is no -but- I guess we know why they gave him such creepy nicknames as "'ol leather tonsils", and "leather lungs".
That's it, I'm framing it.

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