Friday, March 5, 2010

The Art of Trading Goods and Services (or Look at All the Cool Stuff I Got!)

   I've found myself trading a lot lately with fellow sellers, crafters and artists on  It's a great way to get some of the things you'd like even when you don't have the spending cash.  It supports other sellers.  It moves inventory.  It makes new friends and connections.  It's fun.  I've traded for art, jewelry, clothes, even ad space!
How do you approach a seller if you'd like to get a deal cookin'?  Normally the rejection-fearing shy type, this was difficult for me at first.  I received a few nicely worded requests, like this short and sweet~ "Adorable! Do you accept trades? If so please have a look at my shop.  :) Thanks!"  So when writing, I use something similar, and try to think- The worst they could do is say no.   Or ignore you.  Or e-yell at you.  Either way, you're still relatively unharmed.

Approached by a shopkeep and nothing is quite your style?  Think of upcoming birthdays and other gifties.  Otherwise, a polite "Sorry, I'm not taking trades at the moment, but I've hearted your shop for the future" will do. 

I've only had one bad experience, it was a personal e-mail trade, and I got suckered.  It's safest to reserve or make a custom etsy listing, so the rules apply as if it were a regular purchase.  Plus, you get to leave feedback!

Amazing Original Drawing by Poppy Fields
Kick Ass FrankenElvis by MissLuckyHellcat
Cute Custom Bow Hat by Apricotbabybaby
More awesome traders~

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